A Look at Spun Glass Figurines

One of my favorite pieces of glass art is a spun glass figurine. These are created from ornately designed crystal, a fact that alone tells you how exquisite these figurines are. Spun glass figurines can be purchased in almost any shape imaginable, including dragons, fairies, angels, dolphins, ships, and many others. Glass figurine to the shapes of animals are very popular. There’s not a better gift than a collector can receive than a spun glass figurine.

Adults and children alike tend to love glass animal figurines. Often times, other decorations are added to the spun glass animals to make them appear like they are in their natural habitat. A guy I know at Roswell Gutter Cleaning, his wife has loads of these in their home. Most of the spun glass figurines are simply left as they are, and allowed to catch the light in reflect it. These pieces of art are delicate and don’t need to be handled very often. Otherwise, they are likely to break. It is best to dust these spun glass figurines regularly, though, to keep them shining and reflecting the light the way they should.

Typically, a spun glass figurine will be made of clear glass, but you can occasionally find them in colored glass. One of my favorite pieces is a spun glass hummingbird that is eating from the flowers. The flowers that are red or yellow tend to enhance the spun glasses affect and allows its beauty to shine through even more. Mine has a mirrored glass base that helps to add to the effect overall. Many of the glass animal figurines come in different colors, and then are attached to green plants and trees, helping to further enhance their colors.

You can generally find spun glass figurines at inexpensive price. They are great pieces to collect, and are beautiful in any room. Spun glass figurines also make wonderful gifts, and most people will appreciate them, making them a wonderful thing to give to people you don’t know what else to give.