Since 1995, we have been keeping the fires burning with classwork by sharing the essential information, techniques, and tools needed with our local community of glass workers. We continue building on our original purpose by being a source of inspiration for glass workers near and far.

Our whole endeavor started with the love of the craft. Morning Light Glass Works was founded by Derek Brewer, a pioneer of glass working. Brewer has been an influential artist and teacher who has worked hard to take the glass trade past its ancient, secretive traditions. Morning Light Glass Works is continuing to fulfill his wishes by offering educational opportunities and workshops, as well as the tools and raw materials needed to advance this art form.

The current team at Morning Light Glass Works is comprised of skilled technicians and creative craftspeople that are here to lend their expertise and advice to anyone interested in glass works. This is how we carry on the tradition started by Brewer. We will continue this tradition through contributing to the growth and strength of the class working community by sharing our extensive knowledge of the trade and teaching others the fine art of working with glass.

We hope you will be inspired by this site to either try your hand at glass works, or continue your work in the craft.