Decorating with Stained Glass

For centuries, stained glass has been used to help decorate buildings worldwide. Each year, thousands of tourists are attracted to cathedrals with breathtaking stained glass windows. Because of its beauty, there’s no surprise that people desire to create other stained glass pieces of art. There are many stained glass products you can find these days, from mirrors to lamps. There are many others stained glass items you can decorate your home with, though.

The first way is pretty obvious. That is simply putting stained glass in your windows. Stained-glass is so popular because of how it looks when the sunshine’s through it, so there’s no better place to put it. If you can’t add a stained glass window to your budget, perhaps find a sun catcher to hang in front of it.

An accent lamp with a stained glass shade is a great way to enjoy stained glass if you don’t have natural light. A guy I know over at plumber Roswell has the most beautiful one I have seen with all these shapes and designs, I wish I had a photo of it to share! The light from the bulb will shine through the stained glass shade and give you a beautiful look. These lamps use bulbs that are low wattage, so their best to secondary lighting sources.

A stained glass chandelier is a beautiful addition to any home. You can put the stained glass chandelier over the dining room table for more traditional look, or find somewhere else in the home to give it a unique look. Adding a stained glass chandelier to your sun room can bring a lot of color into that area, or hang it in the entryway of your home for a wonderful impact.

Adding a stained glass mirror to your bathroom can be another wonderful way to decorate with stained glass. You can find mirrors with fun themes, such as wild animals or beach scenes, or simply purchase a mirror with a stained glass design around the perimeter.

Faux stained glass can be created on any mirrored or glass surface. The front of your glass cabinets can be dressed up, the top of your glass coffee table, or the panes of glass that are in your front door. Simply draw the pattern you want with black piping, then paint the glass with the colors of your choice.