Glass Painting Basics

Have you ever participated in a glass painting class? Glass painting is a craft that is growing quickly throughout the United States. In this article, we’ll cover some of the basics of painting on glass.

Glass painting is different painting on other mediums. There are a few different ways to paint on glass, from using specialized glass paints to traditional all paints. When you use traditional glass paint, the paint directly on the surface of the glass sheet. This is a great way to add menu details that you cannot otherwise add and lead lines. In fact, traditional glass painting is more like sketching that it is painting.

There are several different types of paints used for traditional glass painting. These include all based stained glass paints, silver paint, matte paint, and vinegar trace paint. My friend over at , his wife loves doing this method of glass paint. You can also use other paints to paint the surface of the glass. The glass can be painted with automobile paints, model paints, acrylic paints, and all paints. Not only can you paint the glass by hand, but you can use an airbrush for better results.

If you are interested in painting glass, you first need to choose the right kind of glass. Once you’ve chosen your glass, clean it then place your pattern under it. It is best to start applying the lead from the middle of the glass and work outwards. Always mixer colors and stains well, adding the dark colors to the light ones. Use glass stain to blend and shade.

Of course, the least fun part of painting glasses the cleanup. You will need to use a special cleaner or thinner to clean your brushes, airbrushes, or eyedroppers that you have used. To clean off your hands, use lacquer based crystal paint or lacquer base glass paint cleaner. This is a much better option than using any other cleaner to clean your hands.

If you have never tried painting glass, you should give it a try. It’s a simple, fun way to decorate.