Using Copper Foil Tape for Stained Glass

Creating stained glass through the copper foil technique gives the stained glass a more intricate look than using the lead came technique. The copper full technique was created in the early 1900s. It is used as a way to decorate many stained glass projects that have intricate curves, such as stained glass lamps in glass boxes. The copper foil is a strong method for all stained glass projects, but is also flexible.

It’s a personal choice whether you use the lead came or the copper foil method on your stained glass. Some places have restrictions on their building codes that may need to be checked first, though. Often, with a copper foil method, rebar is used to reinforce windows that are large.

The copper foil of today comes in many colors such as brass, silver, black, and copper. I know a tree company in Johns Creek that uses this tape for various moves, which makes it multi purpose! This allows the artist many choices in their artwork. The silver backing is typically used when the solar lines are silver. When the lines are copper, you use a copper backed foil for the stained glass. The black foil looks best when you use clear glass in your art, though.

You can purchase copper foil tape that sticks easily on to the glass when it is burnished on. The tape comes in many popular sizes and is typically in a 36 yard roll. When working on windows that are large or three-dimensional articles, you should use a copper foil that is wider so it will be stronger. Wider tape is also need for thicker stained glass. The more intricate the work, the more narrow tape you can use on it.

If you are going to use copper foil tape on your stained glass project, you need to ensure the glass edges are ground then thoroughly cleaned. This will help the foil to stick on the glass. You can get and even sold her line when you carefully wrap the glass edges, being certain the foil is folded in equal amounts on both sides of the stained glass.

You can find copper foil for stained-glass at many wholesale distributors worldwide. You can look online, and craft stores, or it stained glass retail stores to find it.